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The B.M.F.A. Achievement Scheme

  At a recent Midland Area committee meeting I was asked to jot down some notes on how Clubs and their members obtain the various posts of Club Instructor and Club Examiner.    
  Club Instructor (I)    
  There are no guidnotes available from the B.M.F.A. as this is Club only post. There is no laid down A or B certificate requirements only that the club are satisfied that the person nominated is a suitable and competent person. It is the Club and its committee to oversee and police this Club Instructor. Each year the Club will need to ratify with the B.M.F. A. That they require this person to be nominated as there Club Instructor.    
  Approved Instructor (An I)    
  Once again there is no A or B cortical required but this post is tested by an Area Chief Instructor/Examiner. This Test is done by the Club nominating their Club Examiner to the Area A.S.C. requesting the test    
  Qualified Instructor (Q I)    
  This post is automatic for an A.I who has been an A.I. for at least 12 months and holds a B certificate for the discipline he holds an A.I. for
Any further information can be seen within The B.M.F.A. members Handbook
  Please Note    
  The above is only for guidance and should not be used to replace any Club Rules    
    Alan Penn
Midland Area A.S.C.





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  11 December, 2015