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      Midland area Committee        
Chairman - John Day              
Born in Derbyshire my intial interest at the age of 5-6 years old was the production of plasticine models of assorted colours and designs.
By the time I was 8 years old my Father took an interest in helping me build my first rubber powered Spitfire from sheets of balsa sheet and tissue... to my delight it flew the length of the local park. From that time on I was hooked.
In early teens I purchased a few small diesel engines and flew control line, however my heart was not in something that just flew round and round.
At that time single channel radio was expensive and hit and miss so I had little success until I managed to obtain a multi-channel proportional set which although basic was acceptable.
I eventually took to flying gliders on the slope (plenty in Derbyshire) and with practice greatly reduced the broken model attrition rate.
Now flying both power and glider I passed my A & B achievement tests. After a short break I resumed with programmable radios and ARTF’s, currently flying anything from small electric to 30cc powered aircraft together with slope soarers. Recently I have taken to flying shocky indoor models and am working on my F3P C schedule.
I am a member of several local clubs as well as being treasurer of Alport MAC and Rolls Royce Model Flying Club Derby. I have been a member of the Midland Area Committee for many years , currently serving as chairman.

PRO - TBA              

Treasurer and Secretary - Alf Tunnicliffe          

Born near Lichfield, Staffordshire in 1938 to the incessant drone of Havards, Ansons and Oxfords as RAF crews were trained during WW2. Recalls well the massive airborne flight of gliders and tugs for Amhem. Initially educated in Chadsmoor Central Secondary Modern School but gained a 2 year scholarship at Cannock Commercial College which resulted in being selected for a 5 year commercial apprenticeship, finishing up as English Electric cheif buyer for Insulating Materials after a two year stint on National Service with the RAF in Cyprus. Married and moved as Insulating Sales Office Manager with a company in Long Eaton, Nottingham. Moved then to Chesterfield to start own business manufacturing hi tech flexible heating products and also the design and manufacture of the internal kitting out and livery of Boeing 737's, DC 9's and HS 125's.

The business closed in 1989 so moved on to be a simpkle employee in a sheet metal company in Alfreton where I was instrumental in implementing stores control and in view my my past industrial experience took charge of apprentice training and safety.

On retiring with partner Margaret I succeeded in a lifelong ambition to learn to play a Cathedral pipe Organ as I have always been devoted to church music of all types. I now teach these skills to several students in Lincolnshire and in addition was voted village church warden to our local 9th century church where we are in the process of restoration of various Victorianparts of the structure.

I have over the years held several posts within the BMFA and organise yearly the Midland Area Festival of Flight held at Barkston in June ably assisted by my other committee members who make this possible. Living just up the road from East Kirkbyh airfield I'm spoilt for flying....... when I get the time!

Achievement Scheme Co-ordinator - Alan Penn        


Started working life as an apprentice GPO Telephone Enginer.Did two years in the Royal air Force as a Telegraph Mechanic and then resumed employment back with the GPO Telephones as an Equipment Fitter. Climbled through the ranks into management until I retired in 1993 as an Area Manger.
First started Aero Modelling in the late 1940,s and had some of the early ED single channel RC equipment but not to sucssefull.Moved onto Model Yacht Racing and was National Marblehead Champion for 3 years.

Took up Armature Radio and hold a HAM licence to date but have been very inactive for some years know/In 1980 my son took up Kart racing and I became very involved with him in this until  he hung up his leathers in 1993/This is when I came back into Aero Modelling. Joined The Sutton Coldfield Radio Control Aero Club and I am still a member.
Fly both the usual Wot 4 and such like but really enjoy the larger models such as CAP 232 quarter scale etc

For my sins I became the Midland Area ASC some 8 years ago and I am still there.

Education Coordinator - Marian Ainsworth        

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