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Midland area AGM 2015
Midland area meetings are conducted electronically


Alf Tunnicliffe
Millfield Cottage,
11 Main Road,
Toynton All Saints,
Lincs. PE23 5AE                                      30th November 2015


To All Committee Members.

          You are all aware that we now hold our meetings electronically and all Midland Area Clubs were notified in advance that we will be holding our Annual General Meeting on line at the end of November.  Clubs were invited to put up for consideration for an area post any club member they thought appropriate. All posts were up for grabs for a 12 month period commencing 1st January 2016.

            As may be expected, we did not receive a single offer so with your co-operation we need to continue with the current committee until further notice.

         It is of some concern to me that I have over the years watched the available members willing to serve diminish in number to an absolute minimum with certain members holding two posts.  Health issues threaten to be a problem for the future and it is essential that some form of continuity be planned before it is too late.

     Accordingly, I am going to address a personal letter to every Midland Area Club notifiying them of the situation and the necessity of positive action to ensure the continuity of our area in the service of it's membership.

       Chris Anderson of Retford Club is doing sterling service in tidying up and re-jigging our area website as John Bridget has other interests elsewhere with his job.

       I am also asking clubs to suggest suitable sites for renewal of our Festival of Flight activities as Barkston cannot still be considered for dates outside the scope of English Bank Holidays.  If the situation changes with a change of command at Cranwell then we will pursue it.
Thank you for your continued help,
Alf Tunnicliffe  SecretaryTreasurer, Midland Area BMFA





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20 August, 2016