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2015 Midland area AGM minutes

Alf Tunnicliffe Area Secretary Midland Area BMFA





  The situation at Midland Area is, at the moment, relatively quiet just now with clubs engaged with their own local business of displays and regular club meetings.
We have been contacted for financial support to provide mobile toilets for various venues organised by Greenacres MAC at Walsall and latterly by Mansfield MAC to cover current publicity and competitive events this summer.
We are very pleased to cover this rather expensive overhead normally mandated by the local authority for any public event and to do our bit to help with the overall publicity involved with our sport.  We have been able to do this from current budget and funds accumulated in the past by Festival of Flight which we sadly miss as an essential Midland Area National Event.  However, until things change at Barkston or things come to fruition for a National BMFA Flying Site events will have to be organised specifically for an individual competition using club fields where acceptable.
During the early part of the year we have actively supported indoor flying with prizes or help with venue costs and this will continue as a policy for the immediate future.
Our Area Committee is still few in number with Alan Penn, our current ASC retiring in December, 2016.. We are extremely pleased that Steve Mason has agreed to take over the responsibility of Area Delegate and ASC in advance of our AGM so that we may have a voice at future Area Council Meetings as I am no longer able to travel long distances due to bits falling off me at regular intervals...(Tempus Gravitas)

      I look forward with confidence to providing service and assistance to all Midland Area Clubs where appropriate as Area Secretary and Treasurer in the furtherance of our sport.


Alf Tunnicliffe Area Sec. and Treasurer.

  At an on line meeting of the Midland Area Committe on 27.11.2015 the listed area examiners & instructors have been validated for the period 1.1.2016 to 31.12 2016  

Chieif examiners & instructors listing  
All requests for examiner tests should be routed through Midland Area ASCo-ordinator Mr. Alan Penn


BMFA Midland area were the first in the country to make available the online test questions to help members prepare for ther achievement A or B test. It has been extremely popular with other clubs requesting a link to our test pages


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October 24, 2016 7:09 PM