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    BMFA Midland Area AGM  Minutes 2016  Published 10.2.2017
To ensure that all Midland Area Affilliated Clubs were involved, a hard copy of the agenda for AGM 2016 was posted to each club in 2016 with the request that all responses regarding the future of Midland Area be discussed at club level and their responses be made available to Area Sec in January to allow sufficient time for meetings etc.....
97 letters were issued.  3 Clubs offered a nominal reply, the remainder ignoed our efforts to organise properly the duties of Area Committee and our efforts to inject new blood and ideas for the future
It was therefore necessary for Area Sec to discuss with current incumbents how we may proceed.
An on line discussion followed with committee posts up for annual review

The structure of the Midland Area Committee will be as follows until 31.12.2017
Chair  John Day  Deputy Chair  Open   Secretary   Alf Tunnicliffe   Treasurer   Alf Tunnicliffe  ED. Co-ordinator  Marian Ainsworth  PRO   open   ASC   Steve Mason  Area Delegate Steve Mason  IT Co-ordinator Chris Anderson
It is proposed that the Area Website be organised through Leicester Office in the future for continual updates, news and business through Chris Anderson.

  Available to 31.3.2016 on website.  Current balances to 31.12.2016 show £1,007 on Current Account and £9,250 on long term deposit mainly accrued from profits produced from Festival of Flight.  
  Midland Area List of Approved Examiners      
  A total of 9 examiners are available to assist the work of proper examination and training in our area.  
   Future Meetings:  
  (electronic)   22.3.2017         7.6.2017        October 2017   Next AGM   31.12.2017
  Signed off   Alf Tunniclffe  Secretary Midland Area..  






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