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Composition of the Midland Area Committee until 31st Dec. 2016.

The opportunity for any member to put themselves up for service on the Midland Area Committee in any capacity has expired.

I regret to say that in spite of our earlier reminder that NO-ONE hes even taken the opportunity of responding in any way .

Accordingly the current committee has agreed to serve for another year until 31st December 2016.

The Committe will be as follows:

Chairman    John Day
Deputy Chair     vacant
Treasurer   Alf Tunnicliffe
Secretary   Alf Tunnicliffe
Achievement Scheme Co-ordinator  Alan Penn
IT Website co-ordinator  Chris Anderson
Area Delegate    Marian Ainsworth
Education Co-ordinator  Marian Ainsworth

I must say that I am disappointed in the complete lack of response from clubs and their complete indifference to  the workings of their Area Committee who can only respond if clubs do the same to form a proper dialogue in order to progress our sport in the best interests of its members.  Your area website needs information as to what is going on in our area so as to stimulate interest in anyone looking to join our organisation at club level.  Let's have your news which should be sent to Chris Anderson

We are here to assist in any way possible clubs who require assistance with specialist problems or educational assistance. If we can't sort it out ourselves the we have avenues of contacts to use where necessary.

Our star turn in the past has been our Festival of Flight at Barkston but things do not look good for the immediate future unless there is a change of policy with MOD.  However, Staff at Leicester are looking to better times which we hope will result in a more stable central national flying site.

Alf Tunnicliffe Area Secretary Midland Area BMFA

  At an on line meeting of the Midland Area Committe on 27.11.2015 the listed area examiners & instructors have been validated for the period 1.1.2016 to 31.12 2016  

Chieif examiners & instructors listing  
All requests for examiner tests should be routed through Midland Area ASCo-ordinator Mr. Alan Penn


BMFA Midland area were the first in the country to make available the online test questions to help members prepare for ther achievement A or B test. It has been extremely popular with other clubs requesting a link to our test pages


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February 17, 2016 5:39 PM