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This is to notify all BMFA Affilliated Clubs in the Midland Area that our Annual General Meeting will be held on line and by normal mail on 31st December, 2016 all club responses to be with Area Secretary by that date.
This agenda will be published on our Area Website, and all clubs who have previously registered on line will receive this direct, those who have not will receive this by ordinary mail.
It is important that club contacts respond quickly with any proposals they wish to make regarding the future of Midland Area Committee with any CV's for people wishing to apply for Committee post/s for 2017.
All replies should be sent by E Mail to Alf Tunnicliffe, Area Secretary on or by direct mail to: Millfield Cottage, 11 Main Road, Toynton All Saints, Spilsby, Lincs, PE23 5AE. Please use the response portion of this letter if convenient, or club letterheads.
Item 1 Review of minutes of meeting 27.11.2015 curently on website.
Adoption of same if no objections.
Item 2 Midland Area Committee posts up for election (period 1 year)
Post Present incumbent Prepared to continue

Chair John Day yes
Deputy Chair open open
Secretary Alf Tunnicliffe yes
Treasurer Alf Tunnicliffe yes
Achievement Scheme C/O open open
Education C/O open Marian Ainsworth
Area Delegate Steve Mason yes
Webmaster and IT
co-ordinator Chris Anderson open
P.R.O open open
Anyone wishing to know more about the duties of any particular post , please contact Secretary.
Item 3 Accounts: Detailed accounts available on 31.12.2016. Current funds to date being £1,007 in current account and £9.250 in deposit.
Item 4 Auditors It is proposed that Mrs Machin continue to monitor our accounts as previously.
Item 5 Ratification of Midland Area List of Chief Examiners for 2017 A total of 9 are retained.
Item 6 Committee members reports: Chair, Secretary, ASC
Item 7 Future electronic meeting dates:

March 22 June 7 October AGM 31 12.2017







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13-Dec-2016 3:30 PM